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March 26, 2021 10 min read

So, you’re probably here for one of two reasons; necessity or curiosity. I’m here for one; to explain why you need something you’ve never heard of. Sounds crazy, right? But, it’s something revolutionary. Something that changes the game, and something that helps you level up and stay on top.

One short charging cable, three functions, one objective – power.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

Okay … picture this, you order an Uber to an unfamiliar location because you’ve arranged to meet a potential business partner to present ideas over a coffee. Maybe you’re about to start a whole new venture that could change your life as you know it. You take a final lap around your apartment to make sure you have everything, then, the anxiety kicks in. Am I going to get there in time? Do I look presentable and professional? Do I have everything saved and easily accessible for my presentation? Do I have all my chargers and devices? My USB C cable for my laptop and my iPhone Lightning Cable? Okay. All set!

“I have arrived.” Uber is here!

Anxiously, you lock your house, check your pockets; phone, keys, wallet, iPhone Lightning Cable, USB C cable, ready to go. You’re in the Uber, you see your battery is 5%. Where’s your iPhone Lightning Cable? In your bag. How are you going to charge your phone? No idea.

Do you ever get frustrated because you feel like you planned everything out but missed such an important detail like charging your phone? You remembered your iPhone Lightning Cable or USB C cable but there’s nowhere to plug it in. Now you don’t know where to go when you arrive, you can’t contact your potential business partner to let him know you’re on your way. You might even worry about coming across unprofessional because you don’t have access to your way of communicating, identifying yourself, and perhaps even paying for your ride.

Have you had this feeling?

Or maybe, you’re on an 8-hour train to visit your boyfriend that you haven’t seen for a year. You’re extremely excited but nervous; perhaps you need a distraction to pass time, or kill the painful hours of boredom coming your way. You’re all set with your MacBook, headphones, phone and iPhone Lightning Cable. But, oh no, your laptop battery is dying, and, oh no, your phone just got hit with the “10% of battery remaining” notification.

8 hours. Oh, the possibilities, you could catch up on your favorite Netflix series, send out all your emails for the day, or maybe you want to get some work done before your trip. Perhaps you hoped to speak to your boyfriend, plan what you want to do and see during your visit.

What’s the solution? A USB C cable for your laptop, your Micro USB cable to charge your wireless headphones, and your iPhone Lightning Cable to power up your phone. But, you’re stuck on an 8-hour train looking at the green, grey and blue clumps of reality pass by. Can you relate?

Perhaps you’re eagerly waiting for a life-changing phone call; you are about to find out if you got into your dream school! You realize that you are going to get a call that will determine your future, work prospects and maybe your happiness for the next four years. But you have 1% battery and you’re in the middle of a busy city, all alone, with an iPhone Lightning cable in hand, but nowhere to plug it in.

Then the anxiety kicks in.

It’s a terrible thought, well – realization – to have, but in this digital age, we rely so much on our electronics that we feel odd without our phones or our iPhone Lightning Cable in our pockets, or we get mini panic attacks when we see the “1% battery” notification.

It’s hard not to feel the frustrations and limitations that come with a lack of connectivity, especially in our fast-paced, digital world. We need our iPhone Lightning Cable to charge our phones, Air Pods, and Apple Watches. We need our devices for identification; boarding passes; calling an ambulance; as calculators; waking us up in the morning; for mobile money; even to tell time!

Digital accessibility is our superpower. Sometimes, our golden ticket. But most times, we find ourselves saying “oh sh*t! my battery is low!” or “where’s my iPhone Lightning Cable?”

What if there was a way to ensure accessibility; a way to have back-up for our back-ups, given any situation, experience or emergency?

Not one of those “quick-fix” power banks that give in every 20 minutes and need constant re-charging, or those 3-metre long iPhone Lightning Cables that you need to shove between crevices to get the right angle, but a revolutionary, game-changing Key-Ring connected to a short charging cable.

You’re probably wondering, “how the hell is a short charging cable key-ring supposed to solve my problems?”

This short charging cable does!

It isn’t just a key-ring, but rather a ring of all powers! 3 tangle-free charging tips, one short charging cable, 3 colors, 3 wires, one connection.

That was a mouthful! But that shows how much this short charging cable can do!

Accessibility has never been so accessible – say goodbye to mini anxiety attacks at every “Low Power Mode” notification. Say hello to the short charging cable that hooks you up, wherever you are.

Are you wondering why THIS short charging cable will change the game?

Let’s take this step by step.

In 2020, Samsung topped the list as the world’s highest selling smartphone brand, and it probably still is the most popular to date. What connection does Samsung use? The USB C cable. Like Samsung, many devices use the USB C specification and USB C cables, which makes sense why all our short charging cable Key-Rings come with a USB C Cable. We used to think the iPhone Lightning Cable was a staple, but USB C Cables are also used to charge portable devices, laptops, cameras and even security cameras! Samsung aren’t the only ones using the USB C specification; Apple MacBooks in recent years only come with USB C ports, which – obviously – needs a USB C Cable to power up.

The USB C specification is showing to be more universal, arguably more than the iPhone Lightning Cable, making the USB C connection a great and convenient one, to have on your short charging cable, alongside the iPhone Lightning Cable of course. The USB C cable on our short charging cable Key-Ring is a bright, radiant orange, wrapped in a soft, cushioned material that guarantees that the short charging cable doesn’t rip, get bendy, get the iconic ‘turtle-neck’ bunch up, or get tangled.

It’s super handy and you won’t forget that the dazzling, orange short charging cable is your trusted USB C connection, or exactly what you need the USB C specification for in a rush.

So, we have established what the USB C specification is for, why the USB C cable is a MUST HAVE, and that the USB C connection comes with every short charging cable Key-Ring. Honestly, it would be weird if you didn’t have ANY use whatsoever for the USB C connection and USB C specification; that’s how widely adopted it has become in our digital world and why we chose to include the USB C in our short charging cable Key-Ring.

USB C cables aside, we still need other connections for the devices that help us run our daily lives. That’s why our short charging cables come with a USB C cable and a Micro USB specification.

Now, if you’re wondering what a Micro USB is or what it’s for, I’m about to explain to you why you need it, perhaps as much as you need the USB C. If you know what it’s for, and know what you would use it for, sit back and let me reinforce the fact that this short charging cable connection is legendary.

The Micro USB connector is a little different from the USB C. It is smaller than the USB C specification and lets electronic manufacturers produce slimmer, sleeker devices, which is always appealing and super handy for tech-heads. The Micro USB specification is widely adopted, not unlike the USB C connection, especially for powering up lots of ultra-affordable smartphones that maintain the sleek look, but won’t break the bank! Micro USB connections are used for lots of accessories, like Bluetooth speakers, wireless devices, headphones, smart watches, GPS devices, printers, and cameras too! That’s why we needed it on our short charging cable along with the USB C cable.

Oh, and of course not to mention the extravagant color! Brilliant, neon, green, with a soft, cushioned padding surrounding the short charging cable to ensure a tangle-free and accessible experience, as well as a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Not convinced yet?

I’m getting to the best part about our short charging cable, be patient!

Let me tell you more about the third connection on our short charging cable; it’s none other than the iPhone Lightning Cable. The iPhone Lightning Cable is used to connect Apple devices, like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod to computers, monitors, chargers, cameras and many more accessories. Not only is the iPhone Lightning Cable a universal connection in the Apple world, making it a necessity for our short charging cable, but one that is highly depended on, especially for Apple fanatics who choose to switch over all their electronics to Apple devices. This is becoming more popular by the way; especially because Apple has worked so hard to streamline all their power solutions with the iPhone Lightning Cable and their services so that your passwords, logins, pictures, documents, files and music is accessible through iCloud logins, whether on your iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iPod. Of course, the iPhone Lightning Cable is a necessity if you use any of these devices or are thinking of purchasing any!

 Not to mention the new, forthcoming innovations from the Apple world. The USB C connection is becoming more popular with newer MacBooks for sure, however, the Apple Watch uses the iPhone Lightning Cable to power up. The state-of-the-art wireless Air Pods use the iPhone Lightning Cable too. If you are an Apple user, or perhaps you’re at the side-lines waiting to swoop in and experience this ground-breaking technology, either way, both the USB C cable and the iPhone Lightning Cable are ones to invest in, and we just had to include them on our short charging cable.

 iPhone Lightning Cables purchased from Apple Stores have been said to be overpriced, and sometimes the iPhone Lightning Cables suffer from the ‘turtle-neck’ effect, where the wire bunches up at the tip. We have taken that into account and included the iPhone Lightning Cable in our short charging cable Key-Ring, of course at a fraction of the cost, with reliability and durability in mind. The cushioned, color-coded padding around the iPhone Lightning Cable and each of our short charging cables ensures that your cables stay intact, tangle-free, and protected – always.

 Did I mention that the iPhone Lightning Cable comes in hot pink? I think the striking neon colors are my favorite part about our short charging cable Key-Ring! They are all so modern, stylish and fun, especially the pink iPhone Lightning Cable.

 Okay, now to the best part … I know you’ve been waiting!

 We have established that you get a 3-in-1 deal of a lifetime and a rainbow Key-Ring that connects to a short charging cable fully equipped with our USB C cable, Micro USB, and the iPhone Lightening cable, making accessibility and style your power.

 I’ve teased you enough … the best part is that all three connections attached to the short charging cable can be used SIMULTANEOUSLY; at the exact same time; one short charging cable charging three devices at once – with no lag! Can you imagine using your camera charger, laptop charger and iPhone Lightening cable from the same power source, all at once?

 No more running out the house in a hurry, trying to remember if you’ve got your USB C cable, iPhone Lightning Cable and all your chargers for everything and anything you might need. Just a quick fumble in your pocket to make sure your short charging cable Key-Ring is attached to your house keys, and you are set!

 Can you even cope with how convenient this short charging cable is?

 NOW imagine you’re sitting in your Uber on your way to meet your potential business partner. Your iPhone battery is low, you reach inside your pocket, but you don’t reach for your iPhone Lightening cable. Instead, you get your keys and – BOOM – power Key-Ring is attached and ready; one short charging cable, three charging pins; that you can use at once. Connect the iPhone Lightning Cable and you’re ready to go! Bonus: charge up your USB C specification wireless headphones with your USB C cable!

 Low battery isn’t a problem anymore. Plug in your device, be it the USB C connection or iPhone Lightning Cable, you can charge it up before your meeting while you’re on-the-go with your short charging cable, send a quick check-in message to let your potential business partner know you are on the way, pay for your Uber, and show up cool, calm and collected. All thanks to your short charging cable and your iPhone Lightening cable connection.

 Consider scenario two. You realize that your phone and laptop battery are giving in and you just began your boring 8-hour train journey. You have work to do, emails to send, but you also want to listen to music or a podcast in the background. What do you do? You need your iPhone Lightening cable to charge your phone. But instead, you pull out your short charging cable Key-Ring, charge your laptop with your bright orange USB C cable so you can start your work, power up your headphones with the Micro USB cable for background music, and even use the iPhone Lightning Cable for your phone to keep in touch with your boyfriend and update him about your journey! All with your short charging cable.

 How convenient! We just helped you solve three problems in the time that it usually takes to solve one with your short charging cable.

 Still have reservations?

 Let’s take scenario three. Remember your life-changing phone call? Yes, that one. You’re in the hustle and bustle of the big city, battery low, nowhere to charge your phone without buying something first, and you’re panicking. iPhone Lightening cable and phone in hand, but here’s your chance to be solution based – pull out your rainbow short charging cable, charge up your phone on-the-go, whether it needs a USB C, Micro USB or iPhone Lightning Cable connection, you know you’ll be ready with your all-in-one short charging cable.

One short charging cable, fully equipped with a USB C connection, Micro USB connection and an iPhone Lightning Cable.

Our mission is to bring power and color to your fingertips.

Mission Accomplished.

Iphone, Android Micro USB, USB-C 3-in-1 Charging Cable